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Gary Young's combination of wit and unconventional wisdom makes Law School Ninja a fantastic read, particularly for any first year law student hoping to excel in law school. The book provides a concise compilation of several practical insights and tools necessary for succeeding in the dreaded 1L year and beyond. If you are a prospective law student who intends to compete for the top jobs out of law school, you need to read this book. I only wish I would have had Young's wisdom and insights prior to my law school experience.
Troy Kirk

Law School Ninja does a great job of demystifying law school (and did a great job entertaining me). My misconceptions about law school didn't get resolved until I was almost graduated! Read this BEFORE you go to law school. Better yet, read this before you even apply! It's a must read for anyone who wants to or thinks they want to go to law school.
Mike Kuzma

I was lucky to read this book at the beginning of my first law school year when I was overwhelmed with reading and studying. Law School Ninja, unlike other exam prep books, helped me with strategy and organization. It gives a framework for not just passing but actually acing exams. It is also very easy to read, it's almost conversational and even humorous at times. I read it in just a few days and now my studying approach is more focused and strategic.
Darya Pulciani

I wish I would have had this when I started law school. The book is all about focus; something a lot of law students can't get their arms around. Law School Ninja is filled with practical wisdom for focusing your efforts and not spinning your wheels. If you want to do more than simply "survive" law school, read Law School Ninja. Kudos to Gary Young for sharing his secrets.
Rob Hotz

I purchased this book about a two months before I took my first set of law school exams. Before I picked it up and started reading I was terrified of my impending law exam doom. I felt overwhelmed with how to approach the process and professors weren't always the most helpful in discussing their expectations. The book, which I was able to read in three short hours, helped alleviate a lot of my fears. The text was straightforward and even got me to laugh, which was nice considering the last thing I thought I would be doing was smiling about law school. Law School Ninja lays out a very simple and practical approach to studying class material, processing a ton of information and then performing to the best of your ability on the exams. Every student who reads the books will encounter so many "ah ha!" moments where they start to see the forest through the trees. My only recommendation is to read it sooner rather than later; had I read the book before I started my first semester of school I might not have been so on edge my first few months of classes. The author should be commended for taking a lot of mystery out of exam preparation and for teaching his readers to be disciplined in what really matters. I feel like I can grow as a student and enjoy law school without the fear of exams lurking just around the corner. I'll probably re-read the book again just as a refresher in my coming law school years.
Stacey VZ