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Fear Law School No More.

It never fails. You get into law school, and there is momentary joy: “I’m going to law school.” Won’t mom and dad be proud. The problem is, the joy is just that: momentary.

Then it happens: the fear sets in. “I’m going to Law School.”  All the mythology about the first year of law school, all the uncertainty about how to approach it, all the psycho-nonsense the whole legal world seems committed to imposing on you, it all sets in. And so most of us go into law school totally bewildered, unsure of our footing, more spooked than Scooby Doo.

An Unconventional Strategy for Outsmarting Law SchoolThis book screams into the darkness: No more!

You can get a lot of advice from a lot of places about how to do law school. And it will all be the same conventional wisdom. The conventional wisdom is fine, if all you want to do is survive law school. The problem is, however, the conventional wisdom will lead you into the same place as everyone else following it: the big middle of the class. And ending up in the big middle of the class won’t get you the job you want.

Law School Ninja will tell you how to get on the right side of the curve. The book rejects most of the conventional wisdom and provides a specific strategy for mastering law school. You will find out what really matters in your first year of law school and what doesn’t. You will learn why most of daily class preparation is a total waste of time. You will learn the smart way to outline classes. Most of all, you will have a killer exam preparation strategy that will make you the best prepared student that sits down at any of your exams.

Most importantly, you will have a plan in place for law school and the confidence to not only survive law school, but to actually enjoy it.

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