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Don’t take Advice about How to Excel from People who Didn’t

You need to be very careful who you take advice from about how to succeed in law school. It never fails: One Ls are scurrying about in the first weekend parties asking every Two L they see for advice about how to excel in the One L year. Or, they read every blog from a Two L they can find on the World Wide Web.

But think about this for a minute. The chances are good that virtually every Two L you are asking for advice on excelling in law school ended up in the middle of the class. Why? They don’t know how to excel in law school. They know how to be average, and we can give them that. But are you trying to be average?

Here’s a tip: If you are going to ask advice from someone, make sure that they know more than you do about excelling in law school. Otherwise, keep your own counsel and keep following the plan in my book.

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