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Another Exam Prep Tool

Remember what the difference between your exam answer and the answer of the masses is going to be? The masses are going to be struggling just to get the correct answer down on the page. Unlike them, you are going to be deliberately crafting an excellent form of that answer. In order to maximize your ability to do this, you need to do one more thing: sharpen up a few weapons to bring to the exam.

Stock Answer Format. You need to pre-load a stock answer format that you will use in all of your exam answers into your gray matter.  Right now this may sound like a difficult thing to do, or an unnecessary luxury.  But before you start finding reasons not to do it, ask yourself the key question: “As I peer around at my classmates: how many of them are going to be doing this to equip themselves for the exam?” Here’s the answer: none of them.

And, the nice thing is that it is very easy to equip yourself with this powerful tool. Law school fact pattern tests–the ordinary form of most law school class exams–are complicated, to be sure. But in the end, you will find that 90% of them one way or another end up asking the same question: what are the rights and liabilities of the parties? And, what you are also going to learn with experience is that usually there is one potential plaintiffin an exam answer (the party getting hurt) and one or more defendants (the parties doing the wrongs). With that in mind, I suggest you pre-load a basic template of an outline of an answer in your head before your exams.

In the book I explain a basic stock answer format that I used on my exams.. You can take it or leave it. But know this: you need a stock answer format to work from, so that  when you sit down for the exam you won’t have to waste a lot of time figuring out how to format your answer. You will have one more advantage to bring to the exam over your classmates who will fill the fat part of the curve.

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