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Law School Exams: Game Day

By now you know what I think about excelling in law school. It all comes down to getting an advantage in how you perform during that four hour period at that end of your semester that converts all your work in a class into a number you can never erase. That’s it. When it comes down to it: the only thing that matters is the exam.

As a result, I have given you a lot of advice about how to prepare for the exam. Smart outlining is one piece. Prior tests are a second important piece. Outlining prior test answers is the miracle drug. And if you implement all these exam preparation tactics I have given you, you will have a signifi cant advantage over the “huge middle” in your preparation for exams.

But what about game day itself? Are there things you need to think about with regard to the exam itself?

Absolutely. There are a number of things—large and small— that you should consider about Game Day that can help you optimize your performance on the exam. Big, really important things like: How should I use the time given to take the exam? What should I do between exams? Or small, detail things like: Should I type or write my exam? What do I do if I totally freak out in an exam?

In my next few posts I will address these questions.

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