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The wait is almost over!

The book—Law School Ninja:  An Unconventional Strategy for Outsmarting Law School– is just about out.  My publisher has uploaded the print ready files to the printer, and the printer is putting together a proof copy of the book as we blog. We will see that in a few days. Once we give it the green light, the book should be available on, at, and most other places .com.   You can already buy the eBook version if you can’t stand the wait. An audio version is also in the works. Stay tuned.

As you may know, the book is a quick and dirty version of a seminar on how to outsmart law school I have been teaching my One L students for about 10 years now. People who have had the seminar have been telling me that it has really helped them (1) understand what is and is not important; (2) devote themselves to the right things in their One L year, and (3) get a serious edge in exam prep over their classmates.  Several students have told me: “You ought to put that in a book.”  I finally got around to doing just that.

I know the Ninja approach works because I used it with great results; my students—who I keep seeing on Law Review rosters and graduating Order of the Coif–are telling me it has worked for them as well.

Next Spring I will be offering the class to several major cities in hopes to give more students the unconventional approach to law school that I advocate.  You can learn more about these on the Law School Ninja Boot Camp page.

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