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Right now, everyone is hating law school

Right about now, everyone is hating law school. I know, because I have seen it in my students’ eyes.  I see it every year.

I have been noticing that the mood on all the One L blogs I read is the same: worn out and depressed. Everyone is feeling it about now.

Why? Well, there are probably two reasons. One, the reading and briefing load isn’t slowing down. Two, legal writing is hitting you hard about now.  Add them together, and the One L year feels like you are dragging around a water-soaked sleeping bag.

And I suppose there is a third: many of you have just gotten your first memo’s back and found out that your legal writing adjunct is happy to let you know that you are not exactly John Grisham just yet.

WANT TO GET OUT FROM UNDER THE LOAD? Let me make a suggestion here. Legal writing is not the problem. It’s the best thing you can do with your time, frankly, because it actually prepares you to write strong exam answers.  The work you spend mastering IRAC and tightening up your basic writing skills is the best investment of time you can make about now.

The real problem is the conventional wisdom about reading and briefing cases. If legal writing is the best thing you can do with your time, briefing cases everyday is the absolute worst.

SO, let me be the first person to give you permission to stop briefing your cases.  You heard me right: Stop briefing your cases.  It’s a total waste of time. There are much better ways to use your nightly studying time than briefing the next day’s cases.   I will write more about this later.

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