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6 Weeks Left and Ninjas are Cool Customers

I am starting to see it. One Ls all over the place with that look. The “its coming too fast” look. The “I am getting pretty scared about now” look. The “its 6 weeks from exams and why do I feel like everyone else is ready but I am not” look.

There is plenty of time if you work smart. If you feel like you are behind, you aren’t.  Get the book and jump to the “Ninja Outlining” and “Exam Prep” chapters. Then do what I say. You will be in great shape, and if you take the “miracle drug” you will be the most prepared One L in your class.

The Sensei

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Book Launch!

The book is now available through Go buy your copy today and don’t forget to write a review on Amazon once you’ve read it.


The wait is almost over!

The book—Law School Ninja:  An Unconventional Strategy for Outsmarting Law School– is just about out.  My publisher has uploaded the print ready files to the printer, and the printer is putting together a proof copy of the book as we blog. We will see that in a few days. Once we give it the green light, the book should be available on, at, and most other places .com.   You can already buy the eBook version if you can’t stand the wait. An audio version is also in the works. Stay tuned.

As you may know, the book is a quick and dirty version of a seminar on how to outsmart law school I have been teaching my One L students for about 10 years now. People who have had the seminar have been telling me that it has really helped them (1) understand what is and is not important; (2) devote themselves to the right things in their One L year, and (3) get a serious edge in exam prep over their classmates.  Several students have told me: “You ought to put that in a book.”  I finally got around to doing just that.

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That’s right: Stop briefing cases.

I spend a good deal of ink in my book telling potential law school ninjas that one of the important steps to beating the curve in law school is clearly understanding what is important–and what is not important—in law school.  One thing that is not important? Briefing cases.

I know, I know. The conventional wisdom is that briefing cases is the most important thing you can do to succeed in law school.  POPPYCOCK. If you think that is true, just go up to ANY 2L you see tomorrow and ask them to see one of their case briefs from last night’s studying. They will laugh in your face. Why? It took them a year to figure it out, but they figured it out: briefing cases is a moronic waste of time.

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Right now, everyone is hating law school

Right about now, everyone is hating law school. I know, because I have seen it in my students’ eyes.  I see it every year.

I have been noticing that the mood on all the One L blogs I read is the same: worn out and depressed. Everyone is feeling it about now.

Why? Well, there are probably two reasons. One, the reading and briefing load isn’t slowing down. Two, legal writing is hitting you hard about now.  Add them together, and the One L year feels like you are dragging around a water-soaked sleeping bag.

And I suppose there is a third: many of you have just gotten your first memo’s back and found out that your legal writing adjunct is happy to let you know that you are not exactly John Grisham just yet.

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